Project published on VISCERAL8 magazine –

“I was in the lift.
It was tiny and very hot; it was summer if I recollect correctly.
My mum and dad were in front of me, looking at each other. I didn’t know what was going on, but then they kissed for some minutes.
My eyes up in the sky, glistening, I have to admit. I immediately got that it wasn’t a reaction to a gift, or a simple stereotype “lift kiss” as you see in the movies; I sensed that it was something more important: it was a farewell.
Yes, my dad left, and he didn’t say much. He gave me a pat on my shoulder and a kiss on my forehead.
I always keep his pictures in my wallet, they’re a bit ruined, but still beautiful.
In this one he has my same hair, dark green trousers and a colourful tucked in shirt and his left foot in front of the right one. I believe he was walking.
We don’t talk much
but I have my pictures.”

Ismael gave me this memory of his and I decided to start from there.
I tried to translate the concept of the shape of his everyday movements, while he’s at home, sleeps, before getting up, walking, waiting for the bus.
This creative process was born while I was shooting and it totally kidnapped me. It brought me in Ismael’s heart to then crash with the visual plasticity that I had in mind, creating these delicate pictures, innocent but overload with materiality, substance and human existence. An experienced body, gaunt, thin and coated with memories, illogically articulated in his everyday life.
Two eyes that tell a chocked story, deflected.
An open chest like a forehead in the sun.
A man that is not there yet
but exists in his pocket

Thank you Ismael,
Photographer – Gabriele Rosati
Model – Ismael Diop